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Sassa (Sah-zha) is the largest city on Alel. It is located in the Northwest, at a strategic choke point, with a peninsula to the northwest, and mountains to the northeast and southwest.


The city is mostly human in makeup, but owing to the large number of halflings that work the farmlands on the peninsula to the north, halflings make up the second largest percentage. Owing to their path along the northern coast, there is a small contingent of 1/2 orcs, dragonborn, and dwarves. There are small numbers of other races, as would be found in any of the major cities.


Nestled in a vale between the Salt Tooth Mountains and the Lonesome Mountains, it provides passage between the desolate plains of the majority of the Northwest, and the fertile farming grounds of the Northwest Peninsula. An imposing wall stretches between the mountain ranges, with stone mined from the mountains themselves.

Key Locations

None discovered


Sassa has a royal family (the Vallais (Va-lahy)), but it is widely known that their power is based in their faithfulness to the Governors of Trade, who provide the funds for the city guard.