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Gwennaeris Silverkin (Gwen-air-is Sil-ver-kin) is a female 1/2 elf-1/2 dwarf paladin of the Raven Queen in the Entropy Rising game, portrayed by Matt.

Character Appearance and Demeanor

5'11" female with an athletic build. She has dark hair and grey eyes, with flecks of silver. She wears plate armor and wields a long sword. She is most likely to dive into battle. Although worldly (thanks to her parents profession as traders), she is still young, and is learning to be a leader. She is kind and respectful of those she meets.

Early life

When Gwennaeris was a child, moving from town to town with her parents ( Ordreth Silverkin and Miriam Silverkin) as they "did the traveling merchant thing", she would come to a new place or one she hadn't been to in awhile and try to make friends with the local children. She was somehow always drawn more to playing with the boys in games of Knights and Kobolds than playing with dolls or picking flowers with the girls. Most of the time when she was younger she wound up being the defenseless maiden in need of a brave knight to save her. She would sit and take in the action, paying close attention to how the older boys used wooden training weapons in different fashions, but she soon got fed up with being the captured princess all the time and eventually demanded a role in the action. She would challenge the older boys to duels, asking if they were afraid of being beaten by a little girl, which usually led to her team's victory as she held off two or three attackers and provided someone the opening to complete their objective. As she got older she learned that she was best when using a shield and something heavy to swing. Axes, hammers, picks, swords, it really didn't matter as long as the thwack of wood hitting wood, and later the clash of metal on metal punctuated her threats, oaths, and taunts. When Gwenn became a teenager some of her friends would suit her up in various types of armor and use her as a sparing partner because she was as good or better than the other local boys. Of course, many of them also looked forward to the time after their fights since Gwenn would usually help attend to the bruises, cuts, and occasional broken bone she had caused and hoped that it would lead to something more than applying a salve and some bandages.

Entered the Story

Episode 01 - Welcome to Entropy Rising