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Eryth (Air-ith)) is a Revenant Invoker of the Raven Queen in the Entropy Rising game.

Character Appearance and Demeanor

He is skeletally thin, with black eyes, and ashen skin. There is no hair on his body. He wears a cloak, but does not wear shoes. If he were to remove his cloak, you would see that his chest has been branded with the Raven Queen's holy symbol. Although very intellectual, his rebirth as a revenant left him with no memories. He learns quickly, but being child-like in age, he still has much to learn and often makes social faux pas. He is interested in death and that which separates the living from the dead.

Early life

My first memory was gasping for air; it was cold and burned my lungs. I thought my eyes snapped open, but I wasn’t sure because I could not see a thing. I felt around and discovered that I was in a wooden box, not much bigger than myself. It occurred to me that I had been buried alive, but instead of the panic I should have felt, I was strangely serene. I believe the reason why, which I discovered much later, was the fact that I was dead.I managed to escape the coffin and the grave. The grave I escaped from was one of a pair, both marked with a pile of stones. I stumbled disoriented, like a newborn giraffe, through the woods. I came upon a small shack and knocked. A disheveled human, in his sixties and reeking of alcohol, opened the door. His initial reaction was one of revulsion, but then he squinted, staggered towards me, and said “Hulrin? Is that you?” He then proceeded to hug me, tell me that he loved me,and asked where I had been all these years.In those early days my memory was very poor and I was merely trying to reacquaint myself with living, so I accepted the old man’s story that I was his son. The old man was a hermit who lived off the land and preferred the company of his bottle to anyone else. We passed most days in silence with me following him around and assisting where I could. I initially asked many questions about my former life and how I could have ended up in a grave. The old man answered the questions with short mostly guttural responses, but became agitated when I asked follow up questions that seemed to contradict what he said or probed more into Hulrin’s past or explained my odd appearance compared to his. The questions werealways followed by bouts of excessive drinking. The subject of Hulrin’s mother seemed to be the sorest spot and always ended with me getting beaten into silence,followed by Hulrin drinking himself stupid and finally apologizing for “my” mother’s death. I soon stopped asking questions and we fell into the routine of life.We would hunt, fish, chop wood, and do anything else to sustain us. The thing I quickly discovered was that I needed neither food nor drink. I ate and drank out of habit, but I tested myself by going three weeks without food or water and I was none the worse for wear. My favorite part of life related to death. With the cleaning of animals the old man imparted all of his biological knowledge to me. It extended to sentient corpses, elves and humans mostly, that the old man would drag back home. To read this I’m sure you find it utterly strange, but I knew no other way of life, so it was common place to have a body on a slab, strewn out, being examined. He would point out key areas of the body for inflicting pain, or curing it. He taught me how to be a hacksaw and how to embalm bodies.Throughout that first year the memories that returned were faint. When I would dream I would often wake up screaming, but not with fear, but with some kind of demented rage. And when I would try to remember the dream it was like trying to grasp at water in a raging river. Whenever the old man would bring home a new corpse though, the dreams were easier to remember. The old man never said where he got the bodies and I never asked why we were doing it. I knew that the old man was up to something, as he would often sneak off to the body at night when he thought I was asleep.One day the old man was especially excited to go to town to get supplies. Normally he only went when his alcohol reserves dried up, but I knew he had plenty as he had been drinking less and less. He left very early and instead of staying in town for the night, as was his custom, he came back in the dead of night. I only know this because the sounds of him (I surmised from the next day) attempting to have coitus with the corpse woke me out of a sound sleep. I woke the next morning intending to carry on as normal. The corpse had not been opened, so I was about to get to work when the old man, who normally only showed emotion when he was deep in is cups, flew into a rage and threw me down.He quickly apologized and explained that the corpse was that of his late wife. All the work we had been doing, in his mind, was to understand how to reanimate a corpse. He purchased a spell scroll from town and was planning on bringing “her back”. There was nothing about that statement that should have struck a chord with me, but I found myself overcome with anger and fear. I told the old man that what he was intending was against nature and evil. I tried to stop him, but he overpowered me and tied me up. He began to perform the ritual and that’s the first time I felt the power of the God of Death inside of me. With powers that I am only now fully aware of, I broke free from my bonds and destroyed the corpse. The old man flew into a rage and would have killed me if not for the abilities I wielded. I killed the old man, embalmed him, buried him, and took his name. Thus ended the thirteen months I spent with Eryth. In my initial journey into town, I felt myself drawn to the Raven Queen’s temple. Once there, the head priestess looked upon me, and instructed me to wait. Used to obeying, and accompanied by a sense that I was finally moving with the flow of fate (rather than wading against it), I sat and patiently waited for three hours. When the priestess returned, she was accompanied by a Dwarf named Buthol, who she introduced to me as the leader of the local arm of the Reapers, a special arm in the Raven Queen’s flock, charged with hunting and destroying undead. The priestess revealed to me my nature – a Revenant – and explained that the Raven Queen had a special plan for me. I was told that I must serve the Raven Queen, and that the priestess spoke for the Raven Queen. I was conscripted into the Reapers, and was trained as an Invoker. That was three months ago. I’ve also put old Eryth’s training to use – I remove limbs or deliver the Raven Queen’s gift at the end of battles. I do this because I’m compelled to. I do this because with each brush with death, I come closer to knowing who I was, and why I’m here.

Entered the Story

Episode 01 - Welcome to Entropy Rising