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Entropy Rising is a 4E D&D podcast. The game is run by TJ, and the players are Steve, Paul, and Matt. The setting is a sandbox type world of the GM's creation, called Alel, with a high fantasy flavor. The PC's (Buthol, Eryth, Cadfan, and Gwennaeris) are all devotees to the Raven Queen (although some are more devoted than others). Initially, they are a grizzled veteran, a veteran who still has much to learn, a new-comer who already knows much, and a powerful new acolyte who knows nothing of the church. They receive directives from the secretive Dark Council, but although goals are stated, they are left to their own devices when determining how to achieve those goals.

Where to Start

Episode 01 - Welcome to Entropy Rising

Entropy Rising is part of the LTM Gaming network.