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Byara (Bahy-ahr-uh) is located in the West, with a population dominated by goliaths. This city would long ago have been engulfed by The Wild, were it not for the tireless lumbering of the encroaching trees by the cities inhabitants.


The Wild can easily been seen from the northern, eastern, and southern limits of the city. The surrounding land is fertile, but dangerous to farm owing to the proximity to The Wild. The weather is temperate, and as the city resides mostly on a hill, a constant breeze prevents it from growing overly humid during the summer. However, The Wild usually prevents a natural wind from blowing too strongly, so winters are rarely too cold.

Key Locations

None known


An aristocracy of the most established, oldest families rule Byara. The symbolism of power is the location of the homes of the ruling class. One family might have multiple children, but only the child who inherits the family home maintains the power of rule. Though the others might remain respected citizen, they have no rights to influence policy. For this reason, it is not common for younger sisters or brothers to plot against their older siblings, to ensure not only their power in adulthood, but also a chance at power for their children.