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Buthol (Boo-thohl) is a male dwarf cleric of the Raven Queen in the Entropy Rising game, portrayed by TJ.

Character Appearance and Demeanor

Dwarf in his middle years, his hair is red, though stray grays can be found in his beard, which he allows to grow naturally (not braided or banded). He fights with a warhammer, and tends to favor fighting in the front lines. He is gruff to those he commands (especially when he feels that the amount of respect he has been shown is lacking), though he is a perfect gentleman when interacting with those above him, or outside the Raven Queen's hierarchy.

Early life

Buthol belongs to the Firemount clan of Dwarves who lived in the Dusty Mountains. His father was Rex (having inherited the leadership title from his mother), but with no other siblings, Buthol was in line to become the head once his parents stepped down. Due to an accident, Buthol could not stay in his ancestral home, and left the mountains. He eventually became a follower of the Raven Queen, and after training under Larabelle, became a full cleric. He eventually gained a commission as Lieutenant, and took command over a small unit that included Eryth. Just prior to the start of the game, he received instructions from the Dark Council to take Eryth and meet with a new servant named Cadfan.

Entered the Story

Episode 01 - Welcome to Entropy Rising