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Ashkent (Ash-kent) is located in the East, at the eastern terminus of the New Road. It is most often reached by boat, but can be reached by travel along the New Road through the coastal desert.


Ashkent is inhabited mostly by dragonborn. Their reptilian heritage makes their existence in the desert climate more tolerable.


The Coastal Desert is the only land for hundreds of miles, as the city is butted up against the eastern coast. The only fresh water is found from the few wells scattered throughout the city. They rely on their role as a port when traveling between the north and the south for importing crops, as there is no land suitable for growing in the vicinity.

Key Locations



Ashkent is a true monarchy. The Malak (Mah-lok) line has ruled for generations. Before the first Malak took power, dragonborn were mostly separate clans, which would bicker with other clans until a battle erupted. Malak first gathered those who would join in a peaceful friendship, then subjugated those who refused. This uneasy stability has allowed Ashkent to become a reliable port during sea travel, though people still rarely leave their boats to stay in the inns, as the historical precedent of warring clans is still a strong memory in the other races.